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It speaks for itself

Res Ipsa Marketing is a small company that provides BIG impact.
Our focus is on Video Production, Motion Graphics, and Marketing services for use on-line and Television to:

• Political Campaigns
• Law Offices and Lawyers
• Medical Practices and Dentists
• Financial Institutions and Corporations

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a million. Let you and your work speak for itself.

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The phrase “res ipsa loquitur” is Latin for “the thing speaks for itself.”
Our high quality video production includes:
Landing Page Videos, Cutting Edge Legal Video Guides, Waiting Room Videos, Firm Overview Videos, New Client Quick Guides on What to Expect, and more.

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  • “The level of professionalism in the direction and production of video with Res Ipsa is amazing. Bill and his staff are simply great at finding that part of you resonates through video. I would highly recommend other lawyers to use Res Ipsa. They know, as lawyers, what works and what your concerns are about marketing because they have been there.”

    John Fanney
    Fanney Law Office
  • “For someone like me who had no prior experience talking into a camera, I was amazed at how quickly Res Ipsa put me at ease. They were able to get video after video from me very efficiently over the course of just a few hours. Then the truly incredible part was seeing the final, edited product. Res Ipsa somehow turned those videos into works of art well beyond my expectations.”

    Kevin Jones